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Same Day Delivery

Affectionately termed "the Route System", we cover and travel the entire Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Region and the Eastern Shore every day. We're experts in routed same day distribution.


Get your package to our Jessup terminal by 4am and it will be delivered that same day. 

Offer your customers Next Day Shipping using the order date for your processing and we'll deliver the following day.

We include sorting of freight at no extra charge and offer low rates on daily freight pickup at your location. Higher volumes may qualify for no charge.

Bulk Postal Bypass

Save thousands of dollars on your mail delivery by bypassing the Post Office sorting centers. Let Consolidate Delivery take your packages directly to the local Post Office for Next Day Delivery

Use Your own DDU postal access code or let Consolidated Delivery combine you with our partner Blue Package to handle all the details.


Your Local
Delivery Solution

Dedicated Delivery

When the Route System is quite appropriate for your needs, or when your volume is large enough, let CDC design a Dedicated System of trucks and drivers for your freight alone.


We make it easy to implement specific delivery schedules, handle customized inside delivery requirements, or whatever other special need you have.


Line Haul

Let us shuttle back and forth between your various warehouse facilities and partners. Full or less than truckload deliveries.


Skid Deliveries

Consolidated Delivery is more than just individual package delivery. We can also handle skid work.

We bring in skids from single lots to multiple trailer loads. Skid loads are sorted into dedicated skid routes and delivered straight to the dock. We maintain our own fleet of trailers and tractors for skid services.

We can also manage skids to specific delivery days and times from a single set of inbound loads.

When you need massive movement of goods, give us a call.

Doing the Donut

Ok, so it's not a standard delivery term,  we made it up. The donut is when you combine our delivery services with your own. We do the "far away" deliveries to help you reduce costs, while your drivers focus on the "close" deliveries.

We know the geographic area around both Baltimore-Washington and Richmond-Tidewater is huge.  You have your own drivers so you know that covering the entire area is quite a chore.  Do you really want to send your truck with a single order down to Lexington Park?  Or Norfolk Beach?  Well, we're going there anyway so why not piggyback on our trucks and let us help you save.

So even if you have your own fleet, you can still save by working with us.


Service Area

• Baltimore, Maryland

• Washington, DC

• Richmond, Virginia

• Eastern Shore

• Tidewater, Virginia

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